The Tantric Fire Experience

Choose from a range of tantric experiences tailored for where you are on your journey - from first introduction to tantra through to guided multi-session experiences designed to deepen connection and reach supreme heights of sensual touch and desire.


Introduction to Tantra

In this session you will be introduced to the core concepts of tantric touch - walking through the mind & breathing techniques to help you connect with your feminine energy. This session is perfect for those who are a little nervous about exploring tantric sensuality and want a gentle introduction.


Full Body Sensual Massage

A full body tantric massage (excluding Yoni Massage), taking a full hour to touch and explore the body from head to toe - connecting into deep sensuality. Perfect for those who are ready to explore their sensual desires but not quite ready for the full orgasmic yoni massage experience.


Full Body & yoni massage

The full tantric massage experience, taking a full 90 minutes to connect and explore every inch of your body - this is a true tantric touch experience that will unlock sensuality, pleasure and desire within you and leave you glowing for days. Perfect for those who are ready to explore their sensual desires.