About Tantric Fire


About the experience

Great sensual awakenings happen on the edge, but within your comfort zone. Every Tantric Fire session begins with an important process to establish a mutual understanding of what is desired from the session.

  • An initial discussion about your own sensual journey, to deeply understand where you are at, your desires and your challenges.

  • Talk through the different Tantric Fire experiences and their boundaries.

  • Set our intention for the session (such as emotional release, or playful fun), and establish joint boundaries for the coming session, which form a bond of trust and understanding between us.

From that point forward - we move into the tantric experience together based on those intentions and boundaries, engaging in a blend of connection, breathing and touch designed to bring you a heightened sensual experience that is truly extraordinary.

Some common focused intentions for sessions include:

  • Deep body connection, learning to experience pleasure in every corner, connecting heart & sex centres

  • Emotional release, working to release long held blocks from key points in your energetic system

  • Playful fun, having a beautiful opportunity to let go in a safe space and set your wild woman free

This service is offer to women of all shapes and sizes, offering an opportunity to connect with your inner wild woman, your inner shakti and your sexual power. My only condition is that you are kind of heart and come to sessions with positive intention.

About Blake

Energetically sensitive from a very young age, I have always had an almost overwhelming connection to my sense of touch. It was many years later that I discovered the power of this touch within massage, in connecting with other peoples bodies and energy centres.

What started as purely a gift for massage has evolved over time to bring in the wider power of tantra across all of the senses - creating and holding a beautiful and powerful but gentle space in which you can connect to your deeper self.

From every inch of my heart I have a love and compassion for people, providing a service that is both kind and sensually powerful - I look forward to connecting with like-minded souls who are on this journey with me.


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